Some of the most successful people in the world have said that the first hour upon arising, and their breakfast, is the most important hour of their day.  It starts them off right mentally and physically.

But what do you do when you have a sleepy, little bundle of joy that doesn’t want to wake-up and go to school, much less eat breakfast? 

You make a creative breakfast! Children are not the only ones that must use their imaginations, we do, too!

The following pictures, and some adorable ones, I may add, was found on, creative breakfast ideas for children.  How exciting to be a child, and see these for breakfast.  Eating any of these first thing would make my day a lot more fun!

Let your culinary imagination soar, and please send us your creative breakfast photos at so we can share them, as well.   Have a fun breakfast and an exciting day!

Photo from Pinterest/Creative Breakfast Ideas for Children/































Bon appetit!

–Debbie Caldwell



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